Popular Front condemns Hindutva attack against Muslims in Tripura

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October 22, 2021 - 23:59 -- webadmin
Tripura Masjid:  Mosque in Panisagar in North Tripura district was burnt by Hindu violent mob at 1am on Friday, Rahman said to Maktoob

Imphal 22 October 2021 : Popular Front of India, North-East region President Mohammed Arif Khan has in a statement strongly condemned the Hindutva attacks on Muslim mosques and properties in different parts of Tripura. The right-wing groups like RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are notorious for concocting issues to persecute the Muslim minority in the northeast region by branding them as Bangladeshi infiltrants. They are now doing it in the garb of protests against anti-minority violence in Bangladesh, he added.

It is not right to decry about mistreating minorities in the neighbouring country and at the same time be silent about the acts of violence against minorities in one’s own country. The civil society in Tripura should come forward and condemn the attacks on Muslims in Tripura. We call upon the government to ensure law and order in the state by ensuring immediate actions against the Hindutva culprits. We demand a fair investigation into the incident so that the real masterminds and instigators behind the violence are brought to justice.

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