Popular Front condemns the attack on Al Aqsa mosque and the attempt to expel Palestinians; urges the international community to end Israel's genocidal project

May 8, 2021 - 20:57 -- delhipro

Press Release / 08 May 2021,

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has stated that the attack on Al Aqsa mosque by Israeli police is an act of terror. Israel's hate for the Muslim holy place of Al Aqsa is not a hidden fact. The recent storming of the Al Aqsa Mosque is part of the larger Israeli aggression towards the Palestinians. The ongoing attempt by Israel to forcefully evict Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jerrah neighborhood is part of its genocidal project to wipe Palestinians off from Jerusalem.

Israel has opened a fresh wave of violence on Palestinian people despite international demand to end its ongoing illegal settlement and land grab. For the past few days, Israeli police and Jewish settlers have been trying to forcefully evict 40 Palestinian residents, including 10 children from their homes at Sheikh Jerrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. Palestinians and other activists who gathered there to break their Ramadan fasting in solidarity with the residents facing eviction were brutally attacked, and hundreds of them were injured in the violence.

Popular Front strongly condemns the inhuman violence and the attempt to forcefully evict hundreds of Palestinians from their homes. It is part of the larger Israeli settler-colonial project to wipe Palestinians off from the historic city that has been their home for thousands for years and replace it with Jewish settlers. The Jewish state does not have any genuine commitment to peace talks or respect for international law. Israeli actions constitute a war crime and crime against humanity and it poses a grave threat to peace in the region.

Popular Front urges the international community to abandon silence and take effective action to stop the violations of Apartheid Israel and Jewish Zionist groups against Palestinian people.


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