Assembly Election results is people's response to BJP misrule and hate politics

May 3, 2021 - 15:24 -- delhipro

Press Release / 03 May 2021,

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam, in a statement released to the media, has called the Assembly election results in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal a blatant response from the people to the misrule of the BJP led central government.

The election results in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal is a great source of hope for the secular politics in India. BJP took out all their depravities in these three states prior to the election and stooped to as low as they could in a desperate attempt to win a few seats. Inflammatory hate speeches in their rallies, threats of violence and attacks against religious minorities polluted the political atmosphere in the country. Intimidation of political opponents by misusing central agencies like ED, misusing the Election Commission to schedule elections in multiple phases to benefit BJP, false propaganda using paid media and purchasing MLAs of rival parties, all failed miserably and the party ended with dismal results. Despite all their deceptive ways, people have chosen secular welfare politics over religious bigotry and shown BJP its place. The party went from one seat to zero in Kerala. In West Bengal and Tamil Nadu BJP came nowhere near what they claimed.

The results are clear reflection of the people on BJP's past 7 years of misrule at the Centre. The Modi regime had nothing to offer to people in terms of development or growth in any aspect of life. While the policy blunders of the govt has led the country's economy into bankruptcy, the monumental mismanagement of the pandemic situation has become another government-made catastrophe. People are dying in thousands on a daily basis while the presence of an accountable government is hardly felt other than in election campaigns. The results are a blatant response from the people.

Popular Front appreciates secular parties who have won outstanding victory in the states and people there who have voted BJP out.


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