Civic responsibility is the key in fighting Covid19 Pandemic

May 2, 2021 - 18:18 -- delhipro


Civic responsibility is the key in fighting Covid19 Pandemic

Dear All

Unfortunately the Second Wave of Covid pandemic is spreading all over the country and affecting human lives at an alarming rate. Govt officials and health experts warn that when compared to the initial phase, chances of virus infection and death are many fold. While previously, aged and unhealthy persons were facing death, now reports are equally about covid deaths of young and energetic people.
Now it is a proven fact  that the govermnents, especially the central government has utterly failed in preventing it through precautions and addressing it through preparations. But in preventing further spread of covid pandemic and for saving our own and fellow citizen's life, it is high time all of us behave as most responsible and careful human beings.  In critical situations like this, all of us fulfilling civic responsibilities is more important. Hence on behalf of Popular Front of India, I think it is appropriate to remind the following to all our members, associates and public at large.

#  Remaining at home, avoid social gatherings, keeping physical distancing and always wearing mask are the best precautions.
#  The situation requires us to be out of homes as per need to urgent services like arranging hospital beds, oxygen supply and also undertaking funerals. But every body engaged in social activities must take every precaution to save themselves from covid infection before attempting to save others.
#  Even when you feel some slight symptoms it is advised to undergo covid test without any delay. That will release tension and prevent worsening of health at an early curable stage itself. Test results are also very important to avail medical assistance like hospitalization.
#  The saying that 'prevention is better than cure' is most relevent in the case of covid virus infection. Vaccination is a universally accepted measure to check pandemic. So for not giving any chance to Covid19, it is the best option to take vaccination as scheduled by health authorities. In case of those who have apprehensions about side effects and pre existing health problems, they must seek reliable medical advice from medical experts in adopting health measures including vaccination.

Finally let's all pray to the Almighty, the Most Merciful for saving us from this deadly pandemic, as we know that He alone is the ultimate saviour of human lives.

Your Brother

Anis Ahmed
General Secretary
Popular Front of India


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