Popular Front welcomes SC order to shift Kappan to Delhi. Strongly condemns the lies of the Solicitor General

April 28, 2021 - 21:13 -- delhipro

Press Release/28 April 2021

Popular Front of India Chairman, O M A Salam, in a statement, has welcomed the SC order to shift Malayali journalist Siddique Kappan to Delhi. Salam appreciated leaders, activists and civil society for their support for justice. The order is a temporary relief to all citizens and groups of conscience who raised their voice for justice for Siddique Kappan and other innocents incarcerated in the case.

The Solicitor General Tushar Mehta tried to mislead the court with blatant lies and baseless allegations against Popular Front. He tried to create the impression that being linked to Popular Front, which is a lawfully and democratically working organization, itself constituted a crime. The SG shamelessly claimed that Popular Front was an organization banned in a few states, which was an outright lie. Only the Jharkhand BJP government banned Popular Front in a highly undemocratic and authoritarian move, which was once lifted by the high court before it was reimposed. We are confident that when the matter comes to hearing before the HC the ban order in Jharkhand will once again be revoked as it is based on baseless imaginations.

Popular Front condemns the false claims of the Solicitor General and the malicious attempts he made to mislead the court. UP government stands exposed, and it has become all the clearer that the entire case was part of a political vendetta to cover up the failure of Yogi after the gruesome rape-murder of a Dalit girl. Siddique Kappan and the student leaders arrested were scapegoats in the false narrative created by UP police. Justice will not be complete until all the innocents come out of jail.

Popular Front appreciates civil rights organization, journalist organization, political leaders, community leaders, activists and general public for standing up for justice. We appeal to all to remain steadfast until justice is complete.


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