A state-made disaster; there is virtually no government to mitigate: Popular Front

April 26, 2021 - 17:49 -- delhipro

Press Release / 26 April 2021,

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam expressed his deep worry over the fact that the government is completely missing in action at a time when the Covid-19 is devastating India. There is complete policy paralysis with nobody taking up the accountability. The government have been refusing to act with not even a proper plan to have control centres, he added.

The magnitude and nature of this disaster are so big and not manageable by citizens or civil society members. These non-state actors including volunteers out of their humanity and love for fellow beings might manage to arrange food, medicines, or oxygen cylinders. But unlike a government, their capabilities are very limited with regards to production, import, distribution or international cooperations.

The central government’s negligence in ordering the required quantity of vaccines in advance and the freehand they gave for the pharma companies to set prices that are not affordable to a vast majority of the country’s population has almost stagnated the vaccine drives. The Election Commission’s dereliction of duty in ensuring Covid protocols in the recent elections and the irresponsible campaigns led by the likes of the Prime Minister, Home Minister, different ruling fronts and political parties have been a major trigger behind these spike in cases.

The BJP is now seen making state governments responsible for vaccine procurements and administration and this we believe is intended at shifting the blame onto the states. The hypocrisy was out when the same BJP was seen offering free vaccines in Bengal in return for voting them to power. The centre had ample time of almost a year to set up Oxygen plants and schedule vaccinations drive since the pandemic began, but they were busy declaring the country Covid free when not even one per cent of the total population was vaccinated and only 33 out of the 162 oxygen generation plants sanctioned were set-up.

In this precarious situation, Popular Front would like to reiterate that, we Indians will hold the BJP government responsible for every death caused by their criminal failure in the production and distribution of oxygen. We would like to call the massive deaths that are happening now a culpable homicide on their part.

We appreciate the good work done by volunteers, civil society groups and other non-state actors and would like to see them persisting in their efforts to save lives. We demand that the union government should wake up from their slumber at least at this last moment and start taking the state governments, political parties and civil society groups into confidence. The government should stop suppressing and censuring voices of dissent that are factual, genuine and directed at their shameful failure of duty.


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