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Popular Front virtual conference against lockdown fascism draws tens of thousands of viewers

May 11, 2020 - 14:52 -- Editor

Tens of thousands of netizens watched live the online conference organized by the National Executive Council of Popular Front of India with the slogan "Lockdown Fascism: Unmask the Hidden Agenda". The conference was organized to expose the misuse of the corona lockdown by the central government to intensify its authoritarian measures, and also draw the attention of the citizens towards the utter disregard of the authorities over the plight of millions of poor people stranded across the country due to the lockdown.

Popular Front condemns Delhi Police raid on the residence of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan

May 7, 2020 - 14:18 -- Editor

In a statement issued today, Popular Front Chairman OMA Salam has strongly condemned the raid by Delhi Police on the residence of Dr.Zafarul Islam Khan who is the chairman of Delhi Minority Commission.

"This action by the Delhi Police has crossed all limits of civil decency. The Police is being used by the BJP government to harass and crush any type of dissent.

Popular Front condemns criminal charges framed against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan by Delhi Police

May 2, 2020 - 18:02 -- Editor

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has in a statement strongly condemned the sedition and other fabricated criminal charges framed against the well-known Islamic scholar, journalist and Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan by the Delhi Police.

Popular Front files 1015 cases against anti-Muslim hate news

April 27, 2020 - 14:18 -- Editor

Our country has witnessed in recent times a well-planned anti-Muslim hate campaign by the Hindutva fascist forces. The objective of this hate campaign was to demonize the Muslim community. Social media was flooded with hate posts alleging that the Corona virus was a planned conspiracy of Muslims. Unfortunately, the mainstream which was supposed to expose the hate news factory also joined this campaign and ran prime time news debates directly targetting the Muslim community.


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