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Popular Front Central Secretariat condemns police conspiracy against organisation in Uttar Pradesh ; Demands immediate release of arrested activists

December 23, 2019 - 19:23 -- Editor

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India has condemned the ongoing conspiracy of the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh against the organisation by falsely implicating its associates in the incidents connected with people’s protests against CAA and NRC. State ad-hoc committee convener Wasim Ahmed and members Qari Ashfaqu and Mohammed Nadeem who were arrested earlier from Lucknow are now alleged with serious charges and being depicted before media as masterminds behind violence.

Nation-wide protest against Citizenship Amendment Act: Demands end to police brutalities in BJP ruled states; Seeks immediate Supreme Court intervention

December 21, 2019 - 19:19 -- delhipro

More and more people are joining the ongoing protests against Citizenship Amendment Act day by day in all parts of country. The people are expressing their opposition through various modes of protest against this unconstitutional act. It is learned that the huge masses participating in street protests and their leaders are taking every care to cooperate with authorities in maintaining law and order. Hence these democratic agitations are peaceful in all states with exception of some states that are under BJP government.

Strongly condemns suppression of Citizenship agitations and arrests of leaders and protesters

December 19, 2019 - 19:15 -- delhipro

The opposition of the Indian citizens to the Citizenship Amendment Act is getting wide- spread day by day all over the country. They are coming to streets in large number and expressing their anger and frustration through various modes of protest against this unconstitutional act. Except a few incidents of police brutality, the agitations are peaceful and democratic everywhere.


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