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Punish the police officers responsible for firing against Muslims in Bharatpur : Popular Front.

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 19:59 -- fahim

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
The recent incident of Police firing on Muslim at Bharatpur, Rajasthan is a barbarous act which proves the bias attitude of Police towards the Muslims. The initial reports and findings of various organizations have made it clear that it was the Police who made the situation more volatile by intervening and using force against the Muslims. The land issue which was supposed to be resolved by the local panchayat was disturbed by the Police.

Take back control of fuel pricing: Popular Front demands union government

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 19:56 -- anis

Kozhikode: Popular Front of India demanded the central government to take back control over fuel pricing from companies. It was to protect the interests of big companies government handed over the price fixing power to fuel companies, P Abdul Hameed, Popular Front general secretary of Kerala state said. These companies are hiking the price steeply which is not proportionate to the global market rate. Moreover fuel firms are not reducing the price of fuels when the global rate diminishes, he added.

Campaign to Release prisoners languishing in Jail more than 7 years : Popular Front

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 19:48 -- fahim

Sunday, September 11th, 2011
On the eve of Anna Durai's 105th birth day celebration on September 15, 2011, Government of Tamilnadu used to give amnesty and release the prisioners including convicted criminials on humanitarian grounds. Popular front of India urges the govt to release all prisioners including muslim prisioners under trial, languishing in jails for more than their life term.
Poster campaigns being conducted throughout Tamilnadu requesting the Tamilnadu government to release prisoners who served for more than 7 years life imprisionment.


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